Broadway Infusions (No Injections & No Hya Pens)

We are so excited you are interested in “Broadway Infusions,” our patent pending exclusive technique! You've heard of lip injections using a syringe, you've heard about hyaluron pens, you've heard about lip plumper products, but have you ever heard of a middle?? Have you ever heard of a machine powered PATENT PENDING technique to infuse larger particle HA with stem cells into your skin/wrinkles & lips? Well you're in luck because that is exactly what we invented!
Broadway SkinCare has always been known to be ahead on the trends and we love to introduce new cutting edge technology. Now, we are giving you a chance to be one of the first to perform this breakthrough technique that will level your beauty game up! 
Let's look at each method that's currently in the industry...
Syringe method: very deep, painful, lasting results for most, cosmetic fillers vary in toxicity, bumps, and a medical professional must administer them.
Hyaluron method: not as deep, in fact it only goes into the middle layer of the epidermis if done correctly, bumps and lumps, a bulky pen that can hurt someone if the pressure and technique isn't correct, loss of product, and sometimes superficial results.
Lip plumper products: temporary, burning, constant reapplying, and superficial results.
NOW for our exclusive technique, aka “Broadway Infusions!”
Imagine a technique that involves no injections, no hyaluron pens and no plumping products? Also, imagine not needing a medical license while still performing the service in a safe, effective, long lasting way that your clients will rave about!
What is our exclusive PATENT PENDING (Broadway Infusions) technique?
Well we can't give you all the details, that's what training is for silly! We will tell you that it is a machine powered method (you as the operator) that takes a single use cartridge to infuse our proprietary HA (Hyaluronic Acid) stem cell gel into your clients lips and skin. The entirety of the product is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, while still adding nutrients to the skin. The cartridge has a small piece that will be operated by the machine, you would never want to puncture the skin. That's why training is VERY important. Our product has an added tint so if you need to research your laws/regulations, this method would fall under the Permanent Make-Up artist division. See below for more information on why our technique is different.**
What do we charge for the service? What treatment areas can be done?
Starts at $250 for 1mL, the cost will vary depending on the clients demands. Treatment areas include: smile lines, lips, wrinkles, under eyes, and more!
How long does the service take? And how long do the results last?
The treatment takes 60-75 minutes on average, and 30-45 minutes for a touch-up. Most clients will last 4-6 months after the first treatment and a touch-up, some clients last up to 12 months.
Where do you offer the training and services?
We have multiple locations in California and Nevada, we teach in Las Vegas, NV for our in person classes. Online training is available, and we find that if you are already in the beauty field, you will do just fine with the online training because we offer support if needed afterwards.
What does your training cost?
Tricky question, we know there are thousands of talented professionals out there with experience so we do our best to customize our training based on your needs. Here are some estimates for you to review, please contact us to get a more accurate quote. All training packages will include an exclusive licensing agreement.
Gold Package: $997 includes a VIRTUAL (on camera) scheduled training live with an instructor (via Zoom), the machine, numbing cream, 5 cartridges, our proprietary HA stem cell product (good for 6 treatments), Certificate of Completion, and sample client release forms. The training is 2 days, and will be scheduled in advance (this is not in person), approximately 1-3 hours each day.
Platinum Package: $1,497 includes a 1-day in person training (approximately 6 hours), Certificate of Completion, sample client release forms, your machine, numbing cream, 5 cartridges and our proprietary HA stem cell product (good for 6 treatments).
Online Training Package: $697 includes unlimited access for 90 days to our online training, Certificate of Completion, sample client release forms, your machine, numbing cream, 5 cartridges and our proprietary HA stem cell product (good for 6 treatments). CLICK HERE to learn more about the online training.
Cost profit margins are discussed in training, but to give you an idea, it will cost you as the professional approximately $40 per client, and you are charging a minimum of $250 for 1mL. The cost per client includes the HA stem cell product, cartridge, numbing etc.
***For a limited time as a bonus, we are also including our Russian Lip Technique tips, aka the Tenting Method.
What is required?
You must check with your state/county regulations. This treatment is considered non-invasive and non-medical. If you are an esthetician, or cosmetologist, we can give you information on how to set up correctly. Most counties and states do not require any special licensing, and if they do you most likely will classify under a permanent makeup/body art permit which is issued at your county health department. We require you to be 18 years or older, have some beauty experience, and a BBP (Bloodborne Pathogen) certificate. A BBP certificate is simple to obtain, it's an online course that's required by most counties; it takes approximately an hour, and anyone can take it.
**How is this different from other methods? Does our technique have the same results as the hyaluron pen or a syringe?
Probably the most common questions asked...let's take one at a time. First and foremost, you are not using a medical device, or syringe. This is a non-invasive machine that uses a single use cartridge. We were one of the first to introduce the hya pen and because of that experience is why we invented our technique. With the hya pen, it goes into the epidermis, the pen is bulky (sometimes inaccurate) and lack long lasting results, plus as stated above, it also can create bumps or lumps. Our technique is deeper than the hya pen, but not as deep as using a syringe. The machine we use is accurate, and easy to use especially for lip contouring or fine lines. Our motto is safety first!
When are your classes? And how big are they?
We run classes 2-3 times a week, and do our best to accommodate your schedule. All in person classes are small (2-3 students at most).
How can I sign up?
Please CLICK HERE to sign up, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Once your date has been determined, a $500 deposit is due to secure your spot for an in person class. The balance is due on the day of class. We accept Zelle, Venmo and Paypal as long as there aren't any promotional restrictions. If you'd like to start your online training, CLICK HERE.
Important Disclosure: The device/machine is not a glorified hyaluron pen, you aren't relying on pressure by the push of a button like the hya pen, nor is the hya pen powered by electricity; our machine is powered by electricity and has varying settings which you will learn in training. Also, please be advised we do in fact have a patent pending and a trademark. Any plans to compete and/or steal our invention will be pursued to the fullest extent. Millions in the world but the world is actually very small when it comes to catching word of possible infringement. We gladly welcome and encourage you to work with us. If you are interested, we do have licensing options available.
Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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